• Aug 30, 2009

    the art of Nicolo Nimor!

    Nicolo Nimor formerly studied Advertising arts at University of San Carlos.He is known for his distinct style in apparel design and is a proud designer of some famous bands all over the world.
    He likes music and plays drum for the band Campbell. Hangs a lot with friends at the beach.
    Streetkonect: how old are you?
    I'm 21 years young.

    Streetkonect: where do you live? And describe the art scene in your place.
    I live in Cebu City and the art scene here is quite big,
    lots of really good visual,grafitti, graphic and all sorts of artist.

    Streetkonect: How would you describe your art and your artistic process?
    I mostly render my works on a computer and I use a different kind of process to manufacture some of my designs.

    Streetkonect: Who/What are your influences?
    one of my big influences are Derek Deal, Survival and OG ABEL.

    Streetkonect: What are the things you usually do besides making art?
    I also play drums.

    Streetkonect: What is your greatest ambition?
    Live a normal and practical life out of my career as an apparel designer.

    Streetkonect: Motto in life?
    "handmade world domination"

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