• Sep 4, 2012

    A Sunday with UDON

    Here's a Sunday well spent watching UDON (MD's, KST, 640, IVP, TFL) paint a piece at MTS Carpark. Nevermind waiting 3 hours for the rain to stop, dealing with the carpark's security and getting advice from the park admin not to paint on these walls because they are preparing the walls for "graffiti". We got our way, anyway.

     Maze of DCK looks on as UDON fills up his piece. -Photo by Alexy Jara

    UDON's piece before it turned dark. -Photo series by Andi Baldonado

    UDON's finished piece -Photo by Alexy Jara

     Shoutouts - Photo by Alexy Jara

    UDON's flare. - Photo by Alexy Jara

     UDON tags DIMZ' scooter. -Photo by Alexy Jara

    DCK crew and friends with UDON -Photo by Alexy Jara

    MTS Carpark, Matina, Along Aguinaldo Highway, Davao City

    Words by Juju