• Sep 24, 2013


    Crude is a new series,the little secrets is more on putting together a roster of artists and producing a harmonious show while Crude is an art and design challenge, we will give a theme or an aesthetic problem to be solved by the artists/participants. The production of the artworks will be from home or on the-spot and will be exhibited on a space.

    The first Crude was held in Turtle's Nest last September 20,2013, Crude#1:tapsiSlogan. With the collaboration of Bomba Press, they provided Bisaya phrases while the artists designed lettering based on those. We selected "crudest artwork of the night", a featured artist of the event to add a little fun to the whole thing, this was chosen by Nicebleed. The Crudest Artwork of the night was given to Sampipebomb, he was given 3 bottles of beer sponsored by Pow Designs, as a prize. We will be posting more pictures soon. Stay tuned for Crude 2!