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Let's Talk: Kathryn Layno

Our Current Condition is the second year of Fortuna Circuit, an annual exhibition featuring artists from all around the Philippines.  To give more detail on the artists and their work, we've decided to feature a few interviews with the exhibitors.

What art piece(s) are you bringing to the exhibit? What’s the story behind it? 

Quick sketches using pen and ink on index cards by my friends and I. For my part, they were the state of mind that I was in at the time I was drawing them. They can be anything from gratitude for certain things, political statements and struggles with depression and anxiety.

What school of art do you follow? Who are your influences?

I generally work digitally for comics and illustration but also do pen and ink on paper occasionally. Some of my influences are Rebecca Guay, Alphonse Mucha, Jo Chen, Daisuke Ishiwatari, Jim Lee, Kim Jung Gi, James Jean and a bunch of videogame, anime and animation artists.

What’s your art process? Do you have any habits or practices that you do before making a piece (eg taking a walk, or drinking beer before painting)?

I like to immerse myself in the themes I want to portray in my work. It also depends on what the project calls for. 

I collect images to make a “mood board” to guide me, visually. I also listen to music that coincides with the imagery. If I have time, maybe even watch a movie or delve into a videogame to get the gears turning.

Where do you want your art to take you? Where do you see yourself and your art in the future?

Originally, I wanted to be in animation but my route veered towards comics, professionally. I want to be able to do animated shorts or animatics in my spare time. 

I also want to put out my own comics and art books someday. I see myself continuing to work with comics and illustration. Story telling is essential to what I want to do with my art.

Advice to budding artists out there.

Explore outside of your comfort zone, do not be afraid to socialize now and then (that is how I got most of my professional work) and go at your own pace. Everyone progresses differently and as long as you are a better you, that is good enough.

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