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content over form!

bart x koloWn @ banawa!

cebu cathedral tag system!

sampipebomb@ escario

radiostar..illegal alien from malaysia!..landed in makati!

Malaysia Fever!

saikae x radiostar x koloWn...kuala lumpor, malaysia!



bunyag ni Elias Kidlat!


Elias Kidlat!

december 21, 2008 the baptism of kidlat jr.!...we all know that karang kidlat is one of the of the founders of cebuano street art....this time the whole ubec city is celebrating for the future street artist Elias Kidlat........Mangsi,Bart,Junk and koloWn are producing once in a blue moon limited edition mixed-media artworks for Kidlat Jr.!...Welcome to the World Elias Kidlat!

mushu goes 3 dimensional!

mushu feat.!...

rotten christmas!

motorcycle diaries: Spoky.Eno tag downsouth!

UBEC @ mindworks 23

UBEC CREW...3rd place..street painting...(jhogz,quark,mell,saikae,uzi,karingkay,artsi,rotten,flaime,)

radiostar for !HA?

Mindworks 23

UBEC crew is invited to participate in street painting!..Php 50 per Uzi or!... Since we are invited as a group and the area is limited its better if we will have a collaboration!.. Paints will be provided upon registration..but the colors are limited to black and white so Karingkay is badly needed!..


chix graffiti!

Karingkay of UBEC CREW!