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photos: Appendices

pat and russ exhibit @ d turtles nest!...more photos


doom.nemo.payter.piss1   click the image

pols of csi cru from finland is coming to town!


buritomachine x TLD

one vote to bite night!

digitaldelight goes analog!


It seems that Mark Salvatus has committed himself to a lifetime project of examining “spaces” - public, private and whatever's in between. Working closely with people who inhabit them, Salvatus captures the state of these communities through the objects that belong directly to or are loosely associated with their occupants. In Courtyard, Salvatus provides a semi-fictional version of his Manila City Jail immersion. In the exhibition, he provides contextual elements of the actual space such as local gang logos that marked territorial borders in the prison itself and tattoos that designate individual inmates. As a “courtyard” is an enclosed space open to the sky, Salvatus then offers an aerial view of Bilibid itself. Essential to Courtyard,this map serves as point of reference, to a place in question. With the original plan of remaking the space, he embarks on a narrative of a whodunit from an actual event of a riot in Manila City Jail between two rival gangs. From an investigation fr

conversation with nemo!

"sick.sweet.raw.jaw dropping.wicked painter in all sorts of canvass" -okto Streetkonect: how old are you? 23 Streetkonect: where do you live? And describe the art scene in your place. ususan, taguig city mjo patay ang art scene smen puro kc gangster at adik bubuhayin pa lng nmen ni whoooop! hehe Streetkonect: How would you describe your art and your artistic process? cguro un description nung gwa k di nalalayo s pop-popsurreal/popsocial- surreal tas automatism tas imagintaion based.twag nung iba lowbrow art.. pagkakaalam k kc ksma street art at graffiti dun.. un proseso dpende s kung anu un ggwin e.. minsan me studies minsan nman wla, automatism tlga. tas minsan un mga subliminal images n mkkta m ng bglaan. halimbwa un image n nbbuo s marmol at un image s mga lumot tas un image n mkkta m pag tinamaan ng liwanag un wytbord at kung anuanu pa.. imaginary prends tska mga drowings ng bata. dun ngcmula un mga halimaw Streetkonect: Who/What are your influences? s lokal mda

photos: Payter


hapi birthday ELIAS!

ubec crew!

photos: oktopussy!

Deform X Sunglass Hut X Mosley Tribes


live doodle by sam and flaime..october 17!..... click the image!

bpo x ubec 2

photos by apiong!