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Conflict Kitchen

In Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood, you can find a line of people in front of a colorful take-out restaurant beside Waffle Shop on the corner of Highland and Baum. Large Arabic letters are spread out on top of the restaurant's mouth. Early in May this year, the Arabic letters read "Kubideh Kitchen", which meant the take-out restaurant was serving kubideh, an Iranian minced meet kebab. On the same month, the facade of the restaurant changed as well as the Arabic letters, which then read "Bolani Pazi", pertaining to the new dish it was serving--Afghan turnovers filled with pumpkin, lentils, potato and leeks or spinach. In the coming months, the restaurant will continue to change facades and menus. But one of the things that will remain is its commitment to serving cuisine only from the countries the United States is in conflict with. This take-out restaurant is, after all, called the Conflict Kitchen. Although its menu may be exclusive t

The Underbelly Project

NEW YORK, USA-Here's the art exhibit where nobody's invited and that has rarely been seen. Started in 2009 by street artists in an unfinished, unused, and undiscovered subway station, the underground art exhibit has since expanded to 103 works from street artists all over the world.     REVOK This exhibit is curated by well-known street artists Workhorse and PAC. Video by MrFinlay  13 Check out the New York Times article: The Underbelly Project New York Times Article I The Underbelly Project New York Times Article II The Underbelly Project New York Times Article III and The Underbelly Project Official Site


BLIC Wheatpaste on abandoned bank Along Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

Boyagimat X Yellow Dino



after painting this large penis in front of the KGB Building, 2 of the members of the russian art collective Voina was arrested. Banksy released a print via POW to support the collective.


dran's show at POW London Dran and the DMV Crew

Miami Graffiti


via PSP blog

psp for tutok  skimmy psp in singapore


 december 11, 2010 @ the junkshop  curated by streetkonect


The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Exclusive - Steve Martin Extended Segment Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog March to Keep Fear Alive Steve Martin, Frank Stella, Shepard Fairey and Andres Serrano

Brain, Snch, Deform as seen in Taft Ave. Manila

Flip 1

I write Flip-1 repping SBA CRU! A true ManileƱo, born and raised. My introduction to graffiti started in Metro Manila back in 1990. That was the year when hip-hop blew up in The Philippines and the emerge of Pinoy rappers and rapping in Filipino. I read an article about NY graf in a magazine and I was fascinated seeing pictures of graffiti in subway trains/walls in unique letter styles and colours. I thought it would be cool to do these in Manila's walls since back in the days, there were only plain scribbles whether its political messages or names of 80s bands, etc. I showed the article to my best friend Chris and we grabbed some cans and hit-up some walls. We then formed SBA in 1993. Back when we started, we didn't have a specific name. We wrote various words from "scumm" to "tribe" to "hip-hop". Later on I decided to write "Flip-1" and Chris wrote "Flow-1". I thought the name itself sounded cool and other th

ZEVS performance in Sao Paulo

ZEVS just performed tonight at a fancy street in Sao Paulo. He killed a model (Marina Dias) with fake blood, screamed, gave a triangle pin to everyone and then covered her with white powder. The result you can see bellow. Pictures by Lucas Ribeiro. via juxtapoz blogger Anna Ferraz