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Easter Book Hunt

DAVAO CITY--'Twas not another Easter Sunday last April 24 when instead of hiding hard-boiled eggs with nicely painted shells, Juju and friends collected and hid over 50 books in a park under a flyover and invited bibliophiles to look for them.   When all books had been found, the bookhunters sat down to enjoy a modest picnic and checked and traded the books they found. They also heard a story about a little sperm's big adventure.  For an afternoon well spent, the bookhunters raised a toast. 'Til the next bookhunt! Photos by Khristine Cutin and Bagane Fiola

The LPU Grenade

Painted in 2005 by Junipher Maglasang for the De Leon-Burgos Streets Mural Project in Iligan City. PHOTO By RENE PERNIA

fumes up

PSP Ungga Production

Call for Disconnect 3!

DISCONNECT 3 Disconnect is an annual event showcasing sticker art in its 1st & 2nd year. Now on its 3rd edition, we are expanding out our call for artists participation worldwide to send us your stickers and posters to be pasted up on walls. The exhibition opens on May 21, 2011 and will be held at Kalye Art Gallery in Manila Philippines. You can send us large scale posters and as many stickers as you want to be given away along the event. Deadline for Submission is on May 15, 2011. Send Your Stickers & Posters to: Kalye Art Gallery 1220 Estrada St. Singalong Malate Manila Philippines 1004 For more info, please email:

After Easter

Def broke an egg in a parking lot somewhere in Dubai.

Sulat Kamay 2011

The Tidy Street Project

Residents of Tidy Street in Brighton, UK are keeping tabs of their energy consumption by marking their daily usage on the streets. The street infographic, sprayed in chalk, has captured the imagination of locals and people from other places in the world through the Internet, for its effective campaign in encouraging awareness of energy usage in households. Participants were given electricity meters so they can keep track of the amount of electricity their appliances consume. They record their findings manually, then local graffiti artist Snub transfers the data to the streets. Locals are encouraged to document the development of the project through digital cameras and diaries and upload it in the project website . From there, they can compare their data from averages in the street infographic (which include not only data from the project site but also other places in the UK and other countries.)   Three weeks since the project started, a 15% drop in energy consumption was seen am

give aways

Vyrus from Brazil


RAGE                          CUPCAKE DIO Davao City, Philippines

punks not dead!

 mindless robot

W the hater

The Ultimate Malayan Box Turtle and his sidekick Bratatat

IRA's new superhero toy creation  The Ultimate Malayan Box Turtle is joined by his sidekick aptly called "Bratatat" for the sound of his pecking mechanism, demonstrated here: With Avatoy in the midst, the Ultimate Malayan Box Turtle gets extreme pecking from Bratatat as if warning him to get his act together. Photo and video courtesy of IRA