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The Amazing "No Stopping Anytime" Sign

CDU, North Reclamation, Cebu City

Mdm. B. Niyaan / Russ Ligtas

Performance art is like a painting; You look at it and that's it- you don't need to rationalize. That is the very nature of art. Otherwise you are going to have a bad time. I am writing this as I am slowly eating a bowl of Cerelac for dinner. Tonight was moving. This is my second show with Russ, and it does not surprise me that I am still surprised- Brilliant and interesting. On my way home inside the taxi, my mind was brewing so many thoughts; Thoughts that lead to new thoughts and questions, and questions that lead to more thoughts and even more questions. And with that it's safe to say that Russ has made a piece that has undeniably made a mark in my train of thought. Performance art might be a new concept to many and to the unoriented; In general sense it involves an artist that performs in front of an audience. For some, Interior Semiotics might be the first that comes into mind. (If it doesn't ring any bells, look it up in the net) But beyond the arti

Sulat Kamay 2012 / Visayas Leg

SSF TSVD 6th Crew DOLOCAB, Representing Visayas RealKings FTP Amazing rite. DOLOCAB (4th image) Represents Visayas for Wall Lords 2012 in Manila.  Sulat Kamay 2012 Visayas Leg was a success!

United TWSC

TWSC united again(Potch, Mano, Dop, Biko, Grim)

New World Order by Sr. X

 I spent this week in Duga Resa, Croatia doing this stuff for Kunstbunker Festival, I hope you like it! Cheers and Enjoy the New World Order!! -Sr. X


In the July 1st issue of Banat News, a local tabloid in Cebu , the front page photo featured 2 boys painting on a wall along the street with the caption: PAGHUGAWHUGAW... Bisan pa man sa higpit nga pagdili sa vandalism sa kadalanan, kuwang gihapun og disiplina ang pipila sama niining duha ka mga lalaking naaktuhang naghugawhugaw diha sa dalan Escario ning dakbayan.(ALDO NELBERT BANAYNAL) VANDALISM. Even with the strict law against vandalism, some people still lack the discipline like these 2 boys who were caught in the act of vandalizing a wall in the streets of Escario.(Aldo Nelbert Banaynal)  We will try to dissect the caption above! “ Paghugawhugaw”   If these boys are vandalizing the streets, they would not do like this!  (The "duha ka mga lalaking naaktuhang naghugawhugaw" (2 boys who were caught vandalizing) are part of an art group which is responsible for painting walls in Cebu and the Philippines) And of course the result will not be like th