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Transitions: A Sneak Peek

We would like to express our gratitude to those who supported this event. First, it would not be possible without the generous donation of artworks from Cavity Collective and Davao's local artists, with all proceeds dedicated to Tabang Tacloban. Second, to our friends who dropped by and/or stayed up late with us. Lastly, this event was first dedicated to individuals who joined the sketch and tag contest. Again, we appreciate your support and we take great joy seeing networks of individuals. The team will continue to build its effort to explore other possibilities and encourage people to get out and enjoy art and music. Shoutouts to Kler Mari, Karlu Adrian Tayabas, Amelia Rose Baird and John Marco Pitlo for the photos.

Monster October Recap

October was a crazy month for the Streetkonect team, but with all the recent chaos and happenings that went down on us, we decided that there were more important matters to attend to and recap October later. So now since things are a bit more stable now we’re going to recap our crazy Monster October. We had a string of events for the whole month of October, with Halloween being the most anticipated day of the month we decided to make a month long event dedicated to the creepy, eerie, and scaretastic theme of Halloween.  The first event was last October 12, Crude 2: Making Latex Monster For My Friends; it's our second installment of Crude which is initially a themed sketching event. Crude 2 was a latex sketching event, we drew on balloons with markers, with the theme monsters. Everybody drew balloon monsters for the heck of it. Our Crudest Award of the night went to Van Opura.  Check out more photos of Crude 2 .  A few days after Crude 2 a massive 7.2 e


Ready or not, Davaoeno street artists will be hosting an event that features open-air studio before a live audience! There will be sticker trade, band performances, video documentaries and spoken poetry. Or maybe you are interested, you can bring 1-2 artworks for the pop-up exhibition. In aiming to showcase talent in our local community, join us on the 23rd of November at Saless Bar. No door charge. See you!