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Ipot @ Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Soon: Radiant Child Studio

Tipolo,Mandaue City

Caps Fest Six

Bart x Yummy x Stib x Flaime, Gorordo Rotten, Escario St. Janot, Escario St.  Eleven, Escario St. Seer, Escario St. Resist, Escario St. Leero x Stib x Flaime x Bart & Yummy x Scof, Molave St.  Bek x Smite KSIN x Janot, JY Square Lahug

A Social Test: Basquiat and Oscar Murillo

By Marc Abuan disclaimer: this is a misguided, unedited, half-sober take on anything that this train wreck hits, so please forgive me if you shit your pants. recently i’ve come across the correlation between art and economy and its flow through history- and in the words of a good friend and mentor, “both entities are mirrors- commentaries, mockeries, ironies” depending from where you sit. and that good friend was just me. it’s easy to dismiss art from an economic, pragmatic, business point of view only as a tool and a visual stimulant, as in the case of advertising, which has become more of a complex science involving other allied sciences- anthropology, sociology, psychology, and all its pretension as a deep-seated cornerstone in modern society. or so it goes. and probably that’s why from an educational system geared towards practicality, where jobs equate to putting food in the table, injecting fear as a part of the curriculum of a future with empty pockets and walking from po