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Cebu Wonder Rainforest at Plus Six Three Music Fest

The Cebu Wonder Rainforest is a project by Cebu Arts District. shouts to Joris, Sigfred and Bisai. We helped curate the Live Art during the event. Anino, Nueve and Ronyel Compra painted during the event. The installation will stay at the CICC ground for 6 months so there will be more art happenings that the Cebu Arts District people will be doing.

Fortuna Circuit Plus

Fortuna Circuit Plus discussions on art January 19, 856 G Gallery We invited the artists from the Fortuna Circuit Exhibition (Janot, Peter Corazo, Mona Alcudia, Ronyel Compra, Soika, Ernest DiƱo) to talk about their art, process, inspiration. Felix Catarata and Greys Lockheart shared also their artistic journeys. Casey Fussner shared about art and appropriation.

Fortuna Circuit

Decemeber 17,2015 - January 17, 2016 Fortuna Circuit Fortuna Circuit is a mini art fair showcases alternative art practices from Cebu. Forget the landscapes and still life paintings. In the last few years Cebu has experienced an artistic upsurge. The advent of widespread (but slow) internet access has been the massive driver in this recent creative upsurge in the Philippines (and also around the world). Access to information has allowed artist to revolutionize their own proce sses as well as form communities to collaborate and share work. The work featured in Fortuna Circuit has been taken out of its natural environment and re-contextualized in a gallery space in order to connect with a broader audience. In conceptualizing the show we sought to bring a cross section of different practices and mediums in order to expose the breadth of work that is currently being produced in Cebu at this current period of