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Cebu Zine Fest 2016

There is a war on reading. Or at least in the places where they are not free. Powerbooks never did get its comeback after being unceremoniously replaced by a two-storey Forever21. The two branches of La Belle Aurore — Booksale's stylishly curated cousin — have closed. Fully Booked has managed to weather the worst yet of bookstore plagues. It did lose a large chunk of its second floor though, to a K-Pop themed restaurant at that. In today's cultural environment of instant noodle gratification, how does anybody still pay for a physical copy when an online one exists at no cost? Is there room for zines? Zines by Wyndell Remonde Zines from Bomba Press Spoils from StreetKonect, xlvrbk and Whoopdiedoo Comcis As it turns out, there is. Last April 16 the first Cebu Zine Fest was held at AS Fortuna in the 856 G Gallery. It was a whole day dedicated to the spirit of the independent, the underground and the handmade in alternative publishing. It

Shingeki no Culture: Attack on Art

It’s no profound discovery to find many Filipinos patronizing foreign products and foreign media over their own.  Many of our people shamelessly deep-throat imperialism so precociously while dreaming of white parades to last eternity. The typical Filipino happily spends wads on whitening creams, lotions, pills, soaps and would willingly dance in acid rain if there was a chance it would wash the brown of their skin away.  Filipinos gobble up foreign brands and wear it like a badge on their face – because yes, this bag is Gucci and yes, it comes from Italy, Ate. For the conyo S-girl, there’s absolutely no time to waste on good local indie cinema because the new Divergent installment is out and she’d rather watch a proper movie, a Hollywood movie, then spend hours of her time puzzling over Hele sa Hiwagang Ipis .   Just recently a local DJ from a local station denounced local artists saying that if their music didn’t make it to the States, he wouldn’t give it the time of da


Qube Gallery is proud to present to you one of the most awaited exhibitions this year.  BETTER YET DON'T  is the group exhibition of 11 Ilonggo contemporary artists. The exhibition features a conceptual collection of wall bound art, mixed media work, sculpture, and installation view.  The show launches with a cocktail night on the  7th of April, Thursday  at  6PM  in  Qube Gallery, Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu PH.  It will be this month's headline event featuring  DJ Massimo La Magna  and a special  performance art piece by John Caing.  The artists will also be flying in to attend the opening reception. Show runs until April 25, 2016.