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An Interview with Annalyn Fortunato

        "Growing up, my parents always taught me the value of persevering." Annalyn is sprawled lengthwise on a linen daybed imported from Los Angeles, her chin resting thoughtfully on a handmade Balinese throw pillow. Honesty hour: We've been fans of Miss Fortunato's blog since forever, and the sneak-peak of her apartment in a post entitled, A D U L T I N G, is bookmarked on the editorial team's Mac. "Dad bought me this place just last month, actually!" Her entire condo unit is the stuff Pinterest wet dreams are made of--all at once boho chic and industrial minimalist. Quarters like hers bear the telling signs of one whose wanderlust is always indulged. Travel, according to Annalyn, should not be seen as a luxury but a birthright. "Leaving home to explore new cultures and going away for a while to find myself... It's as essential to my being as air." #Goals? A trendsetting independent spirit of Annalyn Fortunato's type

Street Team

remember that time when we spread poetry all over the city? photo by Zack Aldave

Shots fired: Is Street Art Still Street Art?

Death of Street Art by Sever photo from 12ozProphet Origins are important. History is important. Knowing ones origin and linage has always been a prime dictation of your identity. Your self awareness  always seems to come from your family background and origin, your parents came from here and there, hence you celebrate this and that. A very large part of yourself of course, but such things do not only pertain to self awareness and identity but as well as culture and the arts.  An origin story is very vital for an art movement and not just comic book heroes, may it be from abstract, conceptual art, to street art. But even with it's vitality, the origins of a movement is often trashed and forgotten once it is set in the limelight.  In recent years street art has boomed in a way quite larger than life, from being shrugged off as mere acts of vandalism then gaining respect as an art form. Street art  has definitely come a long way. Initially a movement that originated