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Space: Derek Tumala's Studio

'Derek Tumala deviates his art practice by creating works that transcend the intangible. Taking cues from futurism, science and technology, his visual approaches and conceptual derivatives convey an account of exploration, a tangible experience, a sensory reflection.  He treats video as a form of light in which it transfigures an object’s state or form, fluidly altering it’s spatial nature.  Light as an elusive medium challenges him to explore it’s possibilities, function, and form as he negotiates tangibility.  As a multidisciplinary artist working on sculpture, light, video, new media, found objects, industrial materials, and performance, Tumala intersects media and technology into a singular field stimulating sensory perception.  His first solo exhibition “Sacred Geometry” at Art Fair Philippines 2015 garnered a shortlist for the Ateneo Art Awards, a major emerging artist award in the Philippines; was also exhibited in Wei-LIng Gallery Malaysia and Aten