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Rundom 3

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Umbra: The Triumph of Light and Shadow

  “Pulvis et umbra sumus.”   The Odes of Horace Many times we find ourselves confronted by the principle of duality. Good and evil. Life and death. Yin and Yang.  Concepts often come in binary divisions; take away one and the other ceases to exist. Photographers Banawe Corvera and Jan Sunday understand this principle well, taking to their lenses to document women through the consummation of light and shadow.  Last August 12, the two prolific artists displayed their works in 856 Gallery for their first duo exhibit, “Umbra,” a collection of 27 monochromatic photos celebrating womanhood in its various shades and forms. Standing for shadow and darkness, the word “Umbra” makes a good representation of how the two photographers romance with the varying gradations of luminosity that carve out the female spirit.  In a post-exhibit interview, the feminist artist Sunday said that she believed that beauty wasn’t  just found in the pleasantry of face and