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TBT (The Big Trade) 2

TBT (The Big Trade) 2 held last November 17,2016 at Turtle's Nest. is a pop-up sticker trading event organized by After Vandalism, an  aims to maintain the sticker scene and push the growth of street art in Cebu. TBT 2 is the second event done this year which includes Sticker and Artwork Trade, Poster Display, artTalk, Fastest sticker combo maker and best handstyle.


how timely. posting this for the benefit of my fans who don't read BITE (or don't have access to). please read through before going kris aquino on me. word.   ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------------------------- Do not support your local artist. I repeat, Do NOT support your local artist. That is not a typographical error and yes, you read it right. Now upon reading that opener, one might immediately take offense and ask at the back of his head, “Who does this arrogant schmuck think he is? What has this fucker got against the present state of local art and/or culture?” Or you would assume that I am lashing at it, out of bitterness and frustration, and just generally jealous of the current fad in the gall of good taste. I may be arrogant, bitter and jealous but believe me I am not “totally” anti-art. Caveat: before you bring in the pitchfork and throw me out to the wolves (or, wishful thinking, turn me into another hot numba