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tattoed wall: the art and crimes of chinokoy 420

SK Team: How are you? Chinokoy 420: Fine SK Team: How’s your graffiti? Chinokoy 420: No lie low, graffiti is lifetime; that’s my motto. SK Team: Where were you born ? Chinokoy 420: Tisa, Labangon SK Team: Have you ever met a g irl that became your girlfriend b ecause of doing graffiti? Chinokoy 420: Yes (grins) SK Team: Have you been caug ht by the police? Chinokoy 420: Yep, in Mabolo with Rotten and in an other place with Payter. We fi nishe d the piece though even if there was a cop. SK Team: You also do tattoo right? Chinokoy 420: Yes SK Team: What is the difference between tattoo and graffiti? Aside from the manner of execution, of course… Chinokoy 420: Mas lingaw ang graffiti kay free! (grins) Self-expression bah…I feel horny in tattoo (laughs) SK Team: What do you want to achieve in your career as a tattoo artist? Chinokoy 420: I want to be able to work with Paul Booth SK Team: Now let’s talk about the other side of you, the graf

bpo x ubec


bek and the pervs!

Picasso's Light Graffiti from 1949

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the photos of iskolares!

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“Whoever feeds you is your god.”

More than a month ago, posters of Willie Revillame with the phrases, “Capitalist Whores” and “Wow pera!”, have gained for itself its own popularity among the local media and the general public. I have to be honest in saying that I have a personal bias against works with socio-political sensibilities, but this is definitely not the case with the Willie posters. In the process of all the sensation, the posters have elicited quite a number of reactions, and to me, these reactions are quite funny. Here's one: The media and the local authorities were quick to brand these posters “Anti-Willie”. Are they really? Not entirely, of course. It's not hard to believe, even without asking the artists themselves, that these posters were not so much an attack on Revillame as they are a commentary on the sorrowful state of the Filipino poor. Wowowee has grown for itself a Whoever-feeds-you-is-your-God culture, and the media would not like to admit that. Instead, they accuse our street artists o

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photocopy scandal


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disco graffiti!