tattoed wall: the art and crimes of chinokoy 420

SK Team: How are you?

Chinokoy 420: Fine

SK Team: How’s your graffiti?

Chinokoy 420: No lie low, graffiti is lifetime; that’s my motto.

SK Team: Where were you born?

Chinokoy 420: Tisa, Labangon

SK Team: Have you ever met a girl that became your girlfriend because of doing graffiti?

Chinokoy 420: Yes (grins)

SK Team: Have you been caught by the police?

Chinokoy 420: Yep, in Mabolo with Rotten and in another place with Payter. We finished the piece though even if there was a cop.

SK Team: You also do tattoo right?

Chinokoy 420: Yes

SK Team: What is the difference between tattoo and graffiti? Aside from the manner of execution, of course…

Chinokoy 420: Mas lingaw ang graffiti kay free! (grins) Self-expression bah…I feel horny in tattoo (laughs)

SK Team: What do you want to achieve in your career as a tattoo artist?

Chinokoy 420: I want to be able to work with Paul Booth

SK Team: Now let’s talk about the other side of you, the graffiti side…do you do graffiti for events? You know, like band gigs, etc…

Chinokoy 420: Yes of course…for the free sprays.

SK Team: Who are your influences in graffiti?

Chinokoy 420: Seventh Letter Crew (TSL), Stomp Down Killaz (SDK)

SK Team: How about in music?

Chinokoy 420: D.O.R

SK Team: Do you do throw-ups and tags?

Chinokoy 420: Yep! CR! (smiles) I was the one who de-virginized the building of CAFA in TC…

SK Team: What was the name of your first crew?

Chinokoy 420: Deadendz Crew! With Rotten…we are still hardcore.

SK Team: What can you say about the Cebu street scene?

Chinokoy 420: It’s great, but to be able to paint in the streets is harder now compared to before. It’s much tougher now.

SK Team: What do you want to achieve in the graffiti scene in Cebu?

Chinokoy 420: I want the other artists in Cebu to know what graffiti is and change their perception about graffiti, because most of them relate graffiti to vandalism. I also want them to know that the street art scene in Cebu is very much alive, and that there is a street art scene existing in Cebu.

SK Team: Do you think there is a difference between the graffiti scene here in Cebu compared to the scene in the other parts of the Philippines?

Chinokoy 420: Yes, in every wall we have varieties of style. Even if, let’s say, we write the same letters, we always try to outdo one another, which is not really a bad thing because it creates competition. It elevates the graffiti styles in the Philippines.

SK Team: Do you sketch before you paint it in the streets?

Chinokoy 420: Sometimes

SK Team: What comes first, tattoo or graffiti?

Chinokoy 420: Tattoo, but I sketched a lot of graffiti pieces before.

SK Team: What are you more comfortable doing, tattoo or graffiti?

Chinokoy 420: I am more comfortable doing tattoo, I know the procedures, that’s why (laughs) In graffiti, there are many factors you have to consider, the colors, the wall, the legality of the wall, especially the police…

SK Team: What do you plan to do next? Any shocking piece you’re planning to put in the streets?

Chinokoy 420: It depends…hehe

SK Team: Any parting words? Any “words of wisdom”?

Chinokoy 420: Support local artists!