Girl Crazy

The whole Streetkonect team went girl crazy for the second installment of The Little Secrets art shows. Venus had 23 young female artists in its roster coming from different backgrounds of art and design. Venus' main goal was to showcase the diverse female talent we have in the local scene. With all these girls and their diverse set of artworks we had a full house, filling A Little Piece of Sky to the brim. We also had performances for Seaweed Pasta and Imadyina opening night, Womb was also supposed to perform but sadly we had a major technical difficulty. The show opened on August 15 and is still going on, you could visit ALPS Cafe at Guadalupe and buy the artworks. 

Some of the artists. From left to right: Banawe Corvera, Sam Despi, Patricia Zosa, Mona Alcudia, Christie Lee, Hannah Bacalla, Danielle Sy, Rosalie Gonimil, Gale Osorio, Joyce Maw, Faith Bernardes, Miciel Abalos, and Ara Chawdhury. 

Seaweed Pasta's performance.

Everybody who made this show possible, and Monica Alcudia's beautiful installation for the exhibit.

The ever quirky Streetkonect team.
Photos by: Banawe Corvera

The Streetkonect team would like to say thank you to everybody who supported The Little Secrets: Venus, we would also like to give a special thanks to A Little Piece of Sky Cafe (ALPS), Grafik 9, and Dexter Sy of Bomba Press.

The artworks are still up for sale at the ALPS Cafe, hurry before they all get sold!