Siamese Rat x Astraberry x IndigoElix for !ha? 5.0

Siamese Rat x Astraberry x IndigoElix
To have Indigo’s drawings and doodles on the wall reminded us of how we started to explore the creative process. Observing him as he builds this own world of ideas in its crudest and rawest form, reminds us that children have the innate sense of creative expression in any form that they are comfortable.

We cannot help but be happy to realize that we were once kids who are just bold and daring to create something at the surge of the moment. Seeing the raw and “undisciplined” techniques revealed to us how swift imagination can run. Collaborating with our son, allowed us to be a “kid” again.

 Some families keep a record of their kid’s heights every year on a door post or wall. We are keeping these drawings, and even if they will be painted over, they will forever be “embedded” in these walls.