Artist Support and Alliance Program

StreetKonect's long-standing mission is to support the development and expansion of the art scene. In this regard, the group has been consistent in helping artists showcase their work through exhibits and various projects. However, keeping up with this grand vision is difficult to achieve by ourselves. 

To guarantee the continued progression of the art scene, we also need YOU to take part in continuing this mission. The Artist Support and Alliance Program or ASAP enables you to collaborate and help realize projects for artists, art collectives, creative institutions, as well as projects curated by StreetKonect. As of the moment, ASAP will be concentrating on funding small projects and exhibits. 

Your support for the group and its talented roster of artists will ensure that the art scene will continue to diversify and grow with the changing of times.

Tell us how you can help by sending us an e-mail at [email protected]. We are open to receive and discuss ideas on how you can extend your support.

Fueling Creativity