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Let's Roll

This Music Video features artists, and small time entrepreneurs (from Cebu)... who keep pushing forward everyday. Much Respect. Performed by: Knive Everdope and BigRam Beats by: Tantu Produced by: SML Productions Add them on Facebook! Knive Everdope and BigRam Knive Everdope

girl power: Swoon, Olek

Upcoming Exhibit: COMBAT ART @ Kalye Gallery

Don't miss out on the opening of COMBAT ART which will feature the works of Bobby Balingit of WUDS , Brian Barrios and Elmer Acebedo this 30th of September at Kalye Gallery , 1220 Estrada St., Singalang, Manila (near La Salle, Benilde Taft).

street life: random cebu

Skywriting: SABER tags LA skies

Photo from  BOMIT NINJAS . Using several planes, Saber wrote OBEY on LA skies noontime of the 19th of September, 2011. Other than that he also wrote names of other known fellow writers such as: Photo from Arrested Motion MSK by SABER from LA TACO on Vimeo . The crux of Saber's skywriting is not to mount an incredible stunt to keep heads in awe of skytagging action but to protest the Mural Moratorium in LA. According to La Taco , "t he city spends more than $10,000,000+ on graffiti abatement programs, but none on mural programs that divert young artist to legal walls to display their art." It has also shown priority for advertisements which flood the city's landscape rather than artistic murals.  What if the city fails to look up? Let's hope they do lest their city's artists go on exodus en masse to other places with more free walls. Photo from Arrested Motion

Illustration: Mindless Robot x PSP

cebu streets: Bart x Flaime

south hi-way

Valenzuela Streets: Street Reform

In Marulas, Valenzuela City, Philippines. Photo courtesy of Barrios Barrios and Blic team up again to reform the streets in their second collaboration piece featuring a Barrios man holding a Blic "Street Reform" campaign poster. Previously, Blic pasted a Barrios piece in Manila . Considering their active participation in the street art scenes in their respective cities of Valenzuela and Cavite, we expect to see more of this.

Upcoming Events: Ungga's 11-11-11 promo

What can happen on 11-11-11? Ungga of PSP released a teaser poster last August 29 about his upcoming show on the 11th of November, 2011. Today he's released a teaser video. Check it out. Video edit: EMAN CALERO Photoshoot: MONICA L. MAYOR and CARL ACOSTA Location: PIXEL GRAFFIX STUDIO

London Streets: Bigother

 Bigother in London

Contemporary Cebu: The Junks Collective featuring Kidlat

late post: via Russ Ligtas website  Five exhibitions—Anatomical Trajectories, Displacement, Lead Lightning, Teeth of the Mouth, The Queen’s Resurrection—open at the The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences on June 18, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. The contemporary regional art exhibition features the artworks of renowned abstract expressionists Tito Cuevas, Karl Roque, Sio Montera, and Vidal Alcoseba, Jr.; sculptor Ritchie Quijano; and graffiti artist Kidlat of The Junks Collective, performance artist Russ Ligtas, social realist Marvin Chito L. Natural, and surrealist Palmy Pe-Tudtud. Anatomical Trajectories by Palmy Pe-Tudtud showcases recent pieces that reflect a personal narrative using a scientifically surreal streak. Displacement is composed of works by Marvin Chito L. Natural who creates a commentary on Cebu society. Lead Lightning features Kidlat of The Junks Collective, resonating their strong vandalistic force in the heart of a different city. Teeth of the Mouth, the fourth sho

Valenzuela Streets: Rise of Gori

Two months ago, Gori pasted his first paper gorilla on a Malabon wall right along a Barrios piece . Gori had been doing graffiti for a time in Valenzuela with ARK. A week ago, he pasted his follow through pieces--two mean-looking gorillas who seem to be rocking it. In Gen T. de Leon In Tamarraw Hills Ext. In Gori's FB, he credits Barrios for accompanying him in his second paste-up session. It's good to know Gori and Barrios are sticking it. It will just be a matter of time when these two actually collaborate on a piece. In the mean time, let's watch Gori help raise the walls of Valenzuela.

Graffiti: Potch x Mano in Free Wall

Tacloban Street Invasion's Free Wall, which opened last September 11 at Palo Beach, gets a new treatment after a week courtesy of Potch and Mano. Here's a recap of 9/11's happenings: And Sunday's fresh:

Openings: XOXOXO

XOXOXO by Dex Fernandez September 13, 2011 West Galley 48 West Avenue, 1104 Quezon City, Philippines photos by Karra Zina C. Ongoco images via dex fernandez In XOXOXO , Dex Fernandez plays around with images culled from adult magazines, putting a new spin on them by adding layers of mixed media on the repainted images. Thus, he only hints at their original context, turning them into nearly abstract configurations, especially when viewed from a distance.             Fernandez is not afraid to say, “Art is porn, and porn is art,” not drawing a line between what is acceptable and what is taboo. To him, both aim to entertain and satisfy the senses. And he hopes viewers will be as open-minded as he is when they see his latest works. More than just polishing his skills, he also sees himself as a “warrior,” fighting to open viewers’ minds to other types of art, particularly the so-called low brow art, in which the standards of fine art does not

Events: Artwork 5x5 @ Ayala Center Cebu

photos by Tope Java

streetlife: downtown cebu

photos by Tiffany Bam  

Styles: THE snapback

THE Clothing

Illustrations: Kariton

"Pour in Ideas". See more of Kariton's works here. 


makati city

DSF's Janot and Chan

Deep Street Faction South Street Faction
Free Wall first event of TSI Project w/ the help of StreetKonect Thanks to: Kolown(Ubec) Angely Chi Frans Kafka Camz(from Makati) to all local street artist who came... Ungga(PSP) for the Artwork and Prices.Apir! Hope to see you all in the streets..... Maraming Salamat!