Skywriting: SABER tags LA skies

Photo from BOMIT NINJAS.

Using several planes, Saber wrote OBEY on LA skies noontime of the 19th of September, 2011. Other than that he also wrote names of other known fellow writers such as:

Photo from Arrested Motion

MSK by SABER from LA TACO on Vimeo.

The crux of Saber's skywriting is not to mount an incredible stunt to keep heads in awe of skytagging action but to protest the Mural Moratorium in LA. According to La Taco, "the city spends more than $10,000,000+ on graffiti abatement programs, but none on mural programs that divert young artist to legal walls to display their art." It has also shown priority for advertisements which flood the city's landscape rather than artistic murals. 

What if the city fails to look up? Let's hope they do lest their city's artists go on exodus en masse to other places with more free walls.

Photo from Arrested Motion