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High Five: Edzel Rubite

Edzel Rubite is the founder of Designubec, an annual art exhibit that features digital artworks from various graphic designers and artists in Cebu. Designubec started in 2012 and has featured a number of artists since then. Control by Anthony Aves 1. What inspired you to come up with Designubec? I went to Graphika Manila last 2012 and visited some art galleries like The Collective and Ronac Art Center. I saw how designers and artists in Manila were really pushing to organize art events, they were happening almost every weekend, and having their own community of artists and designers. It led me to the idea of creating Designubec, a venue and a community for Cebu artists and designers to share and unite for their passion. 2. What were some of the challenges you had to face for this years Design Ubec? Designubec has been doing different styles of showing every artwork. A lot of designers joined the exhibit this year. Every event is always a challenge from the

Metal Jesus

Spotted in Davao City, along Quirino Avenue. Photo by Leah Valle


Above are some of Soika's Works. For the past year,the ASAP fund has helped us curate and organize art events. Now we are slowly moving to collaborate with independent individual artists and collectives on their projects. The first on the list would be an artist from Leyte, Soika. More updates soon!

Miron Milic in in Heilbronn, Germany

It's an anti-war mural done as a warning to all soldiers dying for someone else's agenda and ideas. The soldier is anonymous and the text is a twist of Friedrich Nietzsche's saying '' What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.'' and it goes ''What doesn't kill you, maims you.'' because half of his face is blown off and he misses a hand too so there's no way you can get away without anything happening to you in the process of warfare and bloodshed. - Miron Milic