High Five: Edzel Rubite

Edzel Rubite is the founder of Designubec, an annual art exhibit that features digital artworks from various graphic designers and artists in Cebu. Designubec started in 2012 and has featured a number of artists since then.

Control by Anthony Aves
1. What inspired you to come up with Designubec?
I went to Graphika Manila last 2012 and visited some art galleries like The Collective and Ronac Art Center. I saw how designers and artists in Manila were really pushing to organize art events, they were happening almost every weekend, and having their own community of artists and designers. It led me to the idea of creating Designubec, a venue and a community for Cebu artists and designers to share and unite for their passion.

2. What were some of the challenges you had to face for this years Design Ubec?
Designubec has been doing different styles of showing every artwork. A lot of designers joined the exhibit this year. Every event is always a challenge from the preparation. We from the Designubec group have full time jobs and so we need to budget our time for the exhibit and the expenses since we are a non-profit organization.

Here's To Terror by Winston Cangsuco
3. If you were an animal what would you be? Why?
A pig maybe :) They are the one of the most intelligent animals in the planet, according to scientific research. They can easily adapt new skills.

4. In your opinion, how is Cebu's graphic design scene doing?
Unity within the community is the first priority. I would say graphic design is a broad and complex industry and somehow would also relate to the fields of design or art. A lot of art communities here in Cebu are pushing their own passion. Graphic design somehow relates to another field of art in terms of the use of medium, which is digital. We are pushing this to continuously showcase digital art or graphic design. I would say we are almost there. Creating a connection or a community is now a priority. :)

Night Haunts by Marc Abuan
5. If you had five million pesos what would you do?
I would invest 2mil in the bank, 1mil to build a house, 1mil to build a company that of course would still relate to art (maybe an art space ahahaha) and travel to some of the favorite places in the world (at least before I die ahahaha)

You can still check out Designubec at Handuraw Pizza, Gorordo Branch, they'll be there until tomorrow, June 20.