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10 under 30 by Banawe Corvera

10 under 30 Solitary trips still take a little getting used to after the move. But the element of surprise is always enticing when you get the upper hand. So you walk. You bide your time and learn to get moving when the situation calls for it. You exercise patience and avoid overstaying your welcome. These are snippets from Sunday's 30-min photowalk. February 15, 2015. Downtown, Butuan City. - Banawe Corvera


I remembered when I started writing my name on the streets, I got hooked in the game. I started doing more research about graffiti, one name you could never ignore was Taki183. He was all over the books, internet sources and graffiti artists/writers always credited his name.I guess this video satisfied my curiosity for Taki183. (submitted by F for SK via email)

To The Big Guy

Yesterday the big man of the Cebuano art scene was laid to rest up on the beautiful breezy hills of Talamban.  Sir Jethro Estimo was a big part of Streetkonect, he always supported the team's crazy endeavors for the local art scene, he seemed to not mind the cluttered composition of the group or the slightly crude post production of shows, he never seemed to mind that the things we did were a bit odd and sometimes random.  He sat through those meetings, he sat through our bad jokes, he sat through our fleeting ideas, without judgment but with pure support and the desire to help or advocacy. He wasn't just all brawn but all heart and wit as well. We'll miss you Sir, we'll see you when we'll see you, maybe then we can have another crazy art show, but this time with unlimited beer and food.  Here are some tribute artworks that we compiled from various artists. by koloWn " Gone too soon, big man. Rest In Power, Jethro." by Chad Ma