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Tel Aviv Street Art

photos by Bea Borja

Katsu, Drone painting and the future of Graffiti

by: Bobby Lastimosa I am interested of new tools and technologies in creating art. I am a fan of Graffiti Research Lab, the group who spearheaded the LED throwies called Lazer Graffiti, eye writer etc.2 months ago, I had a conversation with my former mentor telling me that what else "street art" and "graffiti" have to do since their techniques and styles are repetitive. To a certain level i might agree with him, because at some point what i see on the internet or on the streets has been done already by other artists. There is some formula that one artist will develop a cartoon character, paint them on walls, make a sticker or make a poster, then make a facebook page and post their works online. The artist will gather a fan base then will release a shirt, or merchandise or he/she will exhibit in an gallery and sell the painting of his characters. There is nothing wrong with it, especially when your reason is economic but a problem might arise if all the new and upc