Katsu, Drone painting and the future of Graffiti

by: Bobby Lastimosa

I am interested of new tools and technologies in creating art. I am a fan of Graffiti Research Lab, the group who spearheaded the LED throwies called Lazer Graffiti, eye writer etc.2 months ago, I had a conversation with my former mentor telling me that what else "street art" and "graffiti" have to do since their techniques and styles are repetitive. To a certain level i might agree with him, because at some point what i see on the internet or on the streets has been done already by other artists. There is some formula that one artist will develop a cartoon character, paint them on walls, make a sticker or make a poster, then make a facebook page and post their works online. The artist will gather a fan base then will release a shirt, or merchandise or he/she will exhibit in an gallery and sell the painting of his characters. There is nothing wrong with it, especially when your reason is economic but a problem might arise if all the new and upcoming artists are doing it repeatedly. Imagine if there was no Monet and the art that we are producing until now were all like Da Vinci's art.

There is a video making buzz on the internet, Katsu, a graffiti artist, used a drone to tag over a Billboard in NYC.

I am not sure if the act was sponsored by Calvin Klein since there was a rumor a couple of years ago that graffiti writers are paid to bombed a shop for the sake of making it viral. Nevertheless, I am interested in the technique of Katsu and happy that the technology is open source.
I am researching on the internet and found same technique but im not sure if these videos are true but the idea is there.