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Inktober Phase 3

For the third week of Inktober, we're featuring the sketches by artist Siamese Rat.  Comedic and subversive, Siamese Rat's doodles are a gothic play on Philippine mythos, games and the humor of the everyday.  Day 1  Beware of bootleg haplas Day 2   Ang cumlaude Day 3  Ang original tandok Day 4    DEATH & PRANING Day 5   DEATH & PRANING 2 Day 6  KAPRE SA MAKAHIYA Day 7  st. struggle

Who Wants to Be a (Fully Funded) Filmmaker?

Getting bankrolled for a screenplay worth even a few hundred thousand pesos isn't as easy as picking low-hanging fruit. Photos taken at this year's Qcinema Following the money trail Grants for short films can sum to Php30,000, and a full-length up to a few millions. Cinemalaya 2017 finalists receive Php750,000 in production grant. The QCinema International Film Festival hands over seed money pegged at 1M. Meanwhile, the CineFilipino Film Festival fetches in grants at1.5M. Cinema One Originals bags in 2M. In some years, these grant-giving bodies have either lowered or upped their funding a notch. But what is it really like to get funding for a film? Photos taken at this year's Qcinema Paper talks Convincing a panel of established individuals to fund your concept is daunting enough. For an independent filmmaker based in Visayas or Mindanao, it usually means paying—investing, really—for your airfare to Luzon where many central offices ar

Inktober Phase 2

This time we're featuring a few inktober pieces from graphic artist and illustrator Kathryn Layno Day 1 Prompt: Fast Day 2  Prompt: Noisy Day 3  Prompt: Collect Day 4 Prompt: Hungry Day 5 Prompt: Sad Day 6 Prompt: Hidden Day 7  Prompt: Lost Day 8 Prompt: Rock

Notes on the Art of Spoken Word

It Begins With Hugot  Spoken word poetry seems to be all the rage in the city these days.   The performance art has spread across the region like an unchecked strip of rashes, making its way as another infectious millennial trend in many “literary” events.    Last month I attended the book launch of the work of a respected balakera from Cebu. The event was tied in with a poetry reading hosted by a group of students and I was surprised that many of the performers were spoken word enthusiasts. I had hoped for a more… somber and insightful poetry session, however I was greeted with an excessively loud group of college kids in search of the hugot factor instead.   The attendees filled up the space with their sheer numbers and brought with them unvarnished and candid word play in their spoken word pieces. While a few did manage to stand out, many of the so called spoken word "poets" blasted on and on, clearly losing hold of the sense of crafts

Inktober: Phase One

October isn't just about beer. On the second month of the ber-season, we celebrate alcohol, art and doodles. Every week we'll be featuring different sketches from a few selected illustrators and artists. This week we're showcasing the works of graphic designer and illustrator  Karl Aguro. Day 1 Saturday, October 1 Day 2 Sunday, October 2 Day 3 Monday, October 3 Day 4 Tuesday, October 4 Day 5 Wednesday, October 5 Day 6 Thursday, October 6 Day 7 Friday, October 7 Day 8 Saturday, October 8 Day 9 Sunday, October 9


Say there’s a campfire and a happy band of savages are singing their Kumbaya’s and giving group hugs, high fives, air-kisses. Then, an evangelical Colombus-Captain Hook barges in, only to dampen the flame which is their way of life.    What rouses the little big world of Cebuano cinema as of late is something like that. The now infamous thread has only been around for about a week but in the trending annals of social media it’s already lasted an eternity on our feeds.  You can tell when you’ve attained Internet relevance when the think pieces come out. As everything eloquent to say has been said, we present to you the most concise fuck-you to you-know-who.     words by: Mariya Lim blackout composition: Mariya Lim 


Whoop brings graffiti and the world via National Geographic closer to home with his study-then canvas dual-rendition of collaged images on Filipino houses. Each image of a Maranao, Ifugao, Spanish, Colonial and Barung-barong house form the base of a study. Pictures and fragment cutouts are collaged onto the various parts of the base -- on the roof, on the walls, on the street.  All images including the houses, are from the National Geographic magazine. The studies get onto canvas with Whoop's socio-whimsical graffiti style. His canvas color choices become brighter than those in the collage studies. The images intricacies morph into a cartoon-like look. The collage crosses into a painting. The collage and canvas duo is a whole lot of irony and fun that keeps you looking at them every time and walking away with a wry smile. Legitimate graffiti indeed and right at our own homes.(Pia Hamoy)


After 4 years since the last Sulat Kamay Graffiti Competition, we now have another live graffiti battle in Cebu. The first leg will be on October 1,2016 at Escario,Cebu. Below is the piece by SSF during the 2011 Sulat Kamay Cebu Leg.via Bek's blog If you are not yet excited for Aerosoul, we have a few photos from Sulat Kamay 2012 from Uzi 's blog.The difference between the two is that Sulat Kamay was you have to compete with a crew and should have a team of 3 to compete and battle other crew, while Aerosoul is individual. Sulat Kamay was organized by SYLV and was a preliminary step to compete for Wall Lords PH. Aerosoul is organized by Ubec Crew, 1647, SSF, Peace Club and Stroke. Be sure to come on time because Aerosoul wouldn't be just showing graffiti skills of local artists but also camaraderie, laughter and lots of beer.