Whoop brings graffiti and the world via National Geographic closer to home with his study-then canvas dual-rendition of collaged images on Filipino houses.

Each image of a Maranao, Ifugao, Spanish, Colonial and Barung-barong house form the base of a study. Pictures and fragment cutouts are collaged onto the various parts of the base -- on the roof, on the walls, on the street.

 All images including the houses, are from the National Geographic magazine. The studies get onto canvas with Whoop's socio-whimsical graffiti style. His canvas color choices become brighter than those in the collage studies. The images intricacies morph into a cartoon-like look. The collage crosses into a painting.

The collage and canvas duo is a whole lot of irony and fun that keeps you looking at them every time and walking away with a wry smile. Legitimate graffiti indeed and right at our own homes.(Pia Hamoy)