• Jan 20, 2009

    go back to the streets

    Go back to the streets…………. We are writing this article in reaction to the events happened last week. First of all we are sad that the Jones Avenue pieces were buffed by the so- called cleaners in this city. Although it was made illegally, but the pieces were made passionately by the artists and we really disagree if the authority will say that those pieces were made by mindless individuals who just want to make shit on the walls! We are not destroying this city! In fact these bullshit politicians, greed capitalists and structured religion are doing it! Look at the streets!. How many no-sense giant billboards?..The campaign posters of the politicians?...is it not “vandalism”?... Yes it isn’t!. Because this society is their property!.... We are not here attacking the very nature of street art which is being ephemeral!. What we like to say is that this city doesn’t have a taste for art!..
    The second, point is that about the events happened on the last event of Ubec Crew!. The outcome was nothing but a “beef”..We don’t know what really happened because most of us went to a bed party enjoying the drips of saliva!. Anyway, the beef part of the event resulted when the taggers and Junk made a piece outside the “legal walls”…Too much for the details!.. Anyway, we are inspired by non-sense writers!. Lets go back to the topic!...The events showed that this movement is still an expression of counter culture!.....As artists we don’t want rules and the only rule is to break the rules!. to defy the structure of the norms!.. But let us not forget that entering into it follows subjection to the organizers’ will!. Of course they want their place to be “nice”, “good looking”etc base on their aesthetic tastes if they have!…On one of the interview of Obey he said that street art cannot be mainstream!. the style and the form could be but the real act of doing it cannot be!......

    the streetkonect team