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photos: " i miss you "

photos by apiong!

"i miss you"

TRUELOVE revealed!

1.5 years ago...we were intrigued who is the stickerbomber who posted stickers about Jesus on cebu streets...we just found out that just this morning that this guy is Mace......a 3d graffiti artist from he is back in Ubec City...spreading his stickers and doing aMACEng graffiti styles!... photo by UZI!...

Banksy - 'Some Assembly Required'

photo by romanywg

PAYTERism 2009!

Mark Salvatus

Mark Salvatus is a cross-disciplinary artist based in Lucban and Manila, Philippines. His works varies in different media from drawings, installations, objects, photography, video, street /urban art, graphic design, blogging to interactive and participatory projects building drama to question memory, nostalgia, existence and space. His works has been presented and exhibited in different venues in the Philippines and abroad. The co-founder of Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP), Mark is also known as Boy Agimat. Streetkonect: how old are you? 29 (Jan 22, 1980) Streetkonect: where do you live? And describe the art scene in your place. I am based in Manila, but I always go back to my hometown - Lucban, Quezon.Manila art scene is chaotic - that's why i always visit Lucban to get some fresh ideas, inspiration and fresh air hehe... Lucban is a small town full of creative people. Streetkonect: how would you describe your art and your artistic process? I was trained as an advertis

uzi's new site!

junkshop garage sale!


near JY square mall!

vandal hunting!

tnx Saik sa pic!


deformindustry x koloWn

nuno kst!

"you won't find him if you try to...but u end up seeing him everywhere.. and he shows up in the most impossible places" -ira tan Streetkonect: how old are you? old enough to know man. Streetkonect: where do you live? and describe the art scene in your place. i live in qc, philippines , planet earth..katipunan is my home.. i don't know much about the art scene over here..but right now, graffiti is everywhere! you won't find a tagless street in the metro. which is cool coz you see the rapid growth of the artform from when it originally started. but at the same time, it sucks coz you've got all these kids tagging all over the place making it look like shit. but everything's basically the've got the new kids trying to make a name for've got the oldies either fading out or making comebacks..and you'll always have the haters typing away in their chatboxes. Streetkonect : h

paok's contest

click here for details

mace x ungga

mace..graffiti artist from germany!...