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Les Cataphiles

In these stunning images captured by American photographer Kim Badawi, you will see the underground culture Les Cataphiles have created in the famed Les K'Tas (The Catacombs) of Paris, France. The Les Cataphiles are the underground urban explorers of the vast Catacombs under Paris which spans more than 300 kms. Les Cataphiles illegally enter the Catacombs using secret passageways all over Paris and bearing only aliases. Cataphiles have formed underground communities which are tied by alliances and occasionally broken by rivalries. They rarely welcome "tourists" or non-cataphiles into their fold.  Find out more about Les Cataphiles and Les K'tas in this Getty Images photostream . To know more about Kim Badawi and his works, visit his official site.

Strong Republic?

PESTO in Pasig, Philippines

DodÔ from Brazil

trailer: bomb it 2

Coming soon: The follow-up to Jon Reiss's explosive graffiti movie Bomb It, which through interviews and guerrilla footage of graffiti writers in action told the story of the graffiti movement. Babelgum commissioned this exclusive sequel, which visits territory unexplored in the first film, including Tel Aviv, Singapore, Bethlehem, Copenhagen, Chicago, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth, Austin and Jakarta.

Blic from Cavite

boy agimat

PLESIOSAURUS, or handkerchief

- electricstove "Get ready for the action of the geyser of our blood -submarine formation of transchromatic aero- planes, cellular metals numbered in the flight of images" - Tristan Tzara , Proclamation Without Pretension

uzi's photos

cebu city


This video presents a method created by the artist Alexandre Orion to make what he calls "Pollugraphies". This apparently simple technique captures the soot directly from car exhaust pipes and produces images. Each piece is exposed to the pollution for a week. If the truck shakes hard, the piece gets damaged. If it rains, the piece is gone. Orion produces an average of 4 pieces to save only one.

Doodled Sari-sari Store

While shopping malls are continually built in Philippine cities, there's also no stopping the proliferation of sari-sari stores or those little retail stores which sell mixed goods  found in almost every street corner of Philippine villages and subdivisions. ("Sari-sari" means "mixed".) The sari-sari stores provide Filipinos access to products they need everyday at cheap prices. Ran out of shampoo? Just step outside your house and buy a sachet from your neighbor's sari-sari store at P5.00. Thirsty because of the heat? Just walk up to a sari-sari store, buy a cola drink and cool down in the store bench. The sari-sari store also provides a tambayan or a meeting place for people. Recently, one newly-built sari-sari store in Baranggay Tagalag in Valenzuela City, became a tambayan for creativity, when three local doodlers undertook painting its exterior. Liyow, Cake, and Mut painted Ka Ped's sari-sari store for two weeks. Ka Ped provided the materials a

Street Culture and Beyond!

You want wider streets to walk on?   Well, StreetKonect is doing a widening project. StreetKonect will no longer just cover "Worldwide Ephemeral Art" but other aspects of street cultures around the world and beyond. Pretty soon we'll get a satellite feed of Marsian street culture and we'll let you know what it's about. But for now, let's take some daily spins around the globe and set foot on other streets.  You're feet ready? In New York, New York Photo by  Andrew_W_K of  Bridgnorth, UK