• Oct 3, 2010

    Doodled Sari-sari Store

    While shopping malls are continually built in Philippine cities, there's also no stopping the proliferation of sari-sari stores or those little retail stores which sell mixed goods  found in almost every street corner of Philippine villages and subdivisions. ("Sari-sari" means "mixed".) The sari-sari stores provide Filipinos access to products they need everyday at cheap prices. Ran out of shampoo? Just step outside your house and buy a sachet from your neighbor's sari-sari store at P5.00. Thirsty because of the heat? Just walk up to a sari-sari store, buy a cola drink and cool down in the store bench.

    The sari-sari store also provides a tambayan or a meeting place for people. Recently, one newly-built sari-sari store in Baranggay Tagalag in Valenzuela City, became a tambayan for creativity, when three local doodlers undertook painting its exterior.

    Liyow, Cake, and Mut painted Ka Ped's sari-sari store for two weeks. Ka Ped provided the materials and the artists' food.


    Liyow painting Rizal, the national hero

    Sam, a neighborhood kid, tries out painting

    Don't you wish your local sari-sari store would look like this?

    The Happy Owner

    That's right, boys!

    Photos by MUT