• Oct 26, 2010

    Les Cataphiles

    In these stunning images captured by American photographer Kim Badawi, you will see the underground culture Les Cataphiles have created in the famed Les K'Tas (The Catacombs) of Paris, France. The Les Cataphiles are the underground urban explorers of the vast Catacombs under Paris which spans more than 300 kms. Les Cataphiles illegally enter the Catacombs using secret passageways all over Paris and bearing only aliases. Cataphiles have formed underground communities which are tied by alliances and occasionally broken by rivalries. They rarely welcome "tourists" or non-cataphiles into their fold. 

    Find out more about Les Cataphiles and Les K'tas in this Getty Images photostream.

    To know more about Kim Badawi and his works, visit his official site.