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Boy Agimat

Puerto Galera

The Land of Eternal Bliss

The Land of Eternal Bliss Exhibit and Mr. Brain Freeze Toy Launch by Whooop March 27, 2011 @ Secret Fresh photos by Secret Fresh


 kalye art gallery, estrada street, malate March 26, 2011 photos by Keith Dador

The Great Street Art of Ubec Crew via

The Great Street Art of Ubec Crew By Mamacash In Cebu City, the most massive street art collective is the famed Ubec Crew . Stroll down any busy thoroughfare in the metro and chances are you'll encounter tasteful works of graffiti with the crew's signature emblazoned on it (legally, of course). These guys are more than just bad boys with cans of Pylox – they are street artists with a passion for the graffiti medium in conveying thought-provoking social commentary. read the rest of the article here!

Louie Cordero at 2011 Singapore Biennale

via juxtapoz

Playful OOK KOO

One of the adjectives that come to mind when looking at OOK KOO’s works is ”playful”. Her paintings of women, both portraits and cartoon pin-ups, bounce with lively colors and are infused with impish character. Even OOK KOO uses the word “playful” often, usually to describe her style. It can also be very much a keyword to her intentions of playing with the usual. Street Konect: When did you start painting in the streets?              Ook Koo: Around November 2009, as far as I can remember. SK: Do you remember how your first painting experience went? KK: I was with my blockmates the first time and we immediately got the “heaven spot”. Pisi and Gramo told me I was lucky to get one my first time but I did not have the clue then what a “heaven spot” was. We were standing on a tin roof and it was so hot. The cans were on the roof and when you held them they were burning hot. But I had fun. I got sunburned during my first painting session. SK: What was your first motivation?   KK:

bomba zine 3

bomba zine 3 curated by streetkonect featuring the artworks of Krayon Jello,Skunk, Bek, Juju, Boyagimat, Blic, Odoygiant, Buritomachine, Flaime, !nodoro, Nemo Aguila, Deform, koloWn, Soi-soi Depektoy, Eleven, Bart and Sampipebomb

the art of Dex Fernandez

Rage, Davao City

One day, in Divisoria

BLIC goes wheatpasting "Balut and Packed Boiled Nuts Vendor" at noon. Now, Divisoria has a 24/7 balut and boiled nuts corner. Divisoria, Manila, Philippines


Radel Paredes teaches at the Department of Fine Arts of the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines. A pioneering fellow in the Cultural Center of the Philippines Summer Arts Workshop, he represented his country thrice in the ASEAN Jury during the China-ASEAN Youth Artwork and Creativity Contest from 2006-2008. He was also the Visayas curator for the Sungduan 4, the national exhibit of contemporary art in the Philippines. Paredes writes a weekly column in Cebu Daily News. You can email him at and read his blog at m .  -Jason Dy SJ

eyecone by Deformindustry, Dubai

Use Me, Davao

“This is just an expression and extension of myself. I choose to publicize this just for fun but still I hope the message of my objective will still be notice with every sticker art and wheat paste that I post in streets. This is to showcase also the works of fellow street art enthusiasts and also through this I hope I could meet them. Please support the Street Art community every where especially in here Davao City.” - USE ME!

The Land of Eternal Bliss

Whoop's 1st Solo Exhibit March 27,2011 Secret Fresh Gallery Ronac Art Center

Cupcake, Davao

news: Mark Salvatus @ Singapore Biennale 2011

photos by Magnus Caleb

photos: Bbrother, Big Other and the Big Society-graffiti the lord taught us

Lookin' Out My Window - Knive Everdope feat. BigRam

Let's have a quick tour around Metro Cebu with a nice beat plus a socially relevant  lyrics!

Mindless robot

Metro Manila


(Video stills) DCK boys ZEUS and DIMZ  on Matina, MacArthur Highway, Davao City. Source