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Le Roller

MAZE Davao City

Ungga Trucker Cap


PEACES is peace with an extra "s" and sounds like "pieces". The installation is a collection of tidbits inspired by "Tingi-Tingi" - a Filipino term regarding items of small quantity, reconceptualizing Atomika Design Studio as a working space composed of drawings, graffiti and altered objects. The exhibition also marks the launch of the "Sprayer" figure produced in collaboration with Whooop Factory, depicting Deform's EyeCon character holding a spray paint can with both hands together like it was saying a prayer. View the PEACES Exhibit at Amotika Creative Sutdio, Cubao X, Quezon City.

Chocolate for Ungga

"Happy Beerday Ungga!"-Mano(twsc) thanks to Maot and Loco for the spot.Apir!

Budoy's new website

“The lead vocalist of the popular Cebu Reggae band, Junior Kilat, started his carrer as a promising visual artist. Budoy who hails from Laoang, Nothern Samar, studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Visayas College – Cebu. Since then, he has represented the Cebuano artist in the field of Conceptual Art in the VIVA festivals in Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, and Tacloban Cities in the past eight years.”-Maria Victoria Beltran

ubec crew



Nasca Lines to Hamad

Giant 2 mile "HAMAD"  tag. Visible from Space.via FORBES , Nazca Lines, Peru

Ilo-ilo heaven spot

wasper x le can, iloilo


Taft Ave., Philippines Photo courtesy of Quincyboi Kang

Dawn Attack!

TEAR, PAYAT, HUSH and ULCER attack Old PLDT Building in Davao City. Photos by Aidx Paredes

One Fine Day

In Metro Manila, Philippines-- Treze , Whoop, Ook Koo, Exld, Ungga, Dragoe and Carrot Bombing KINGS IVAN WINE HOUSE Directed and edited by JC VALENCIA 3d effect by KARL GUSTAV

Graffiti Paradox

Angry Civilian Slaps  Sticker  on  Phone Booth in Davao City. Spotted by Maze & Hush of DCK. Translation of sticker text: "Are you the vandal? Just make sure I won't catch you. If I catch you, I'll make sure you'll get jailed and I'll write on your face using your pentel pen!" Photo courtesy of Maki Isa


"It's forbidden to fart here." Somewhere in the Philippines. Photo source: AngelFloresJr


By Gurtam Philippines


PEACES An Exhibition by Deform opens at Atomika Creative Studio, Cubao Ex this July 27, 2011.

I Hate Mondays


Project: "Manila Paper"

more photos here


Wall Lords PH 2011

photos by: Janelle Tan