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Brian Barrios in Dubai

Deform Industry readied Barrios' sampaguita vendor for Dubai streets with shades, Nike shorts and Adidas. shoes. Photos by Def

Undead Soldier

  RA's undead soldier takes a walk in downtown Davao. Bad moon rising soon.

The Gathering

Cebu's Hip Hop community meet and greet plus kick off party to All Hip Hop Cebu's album launch. Photos by: Big Ram


Gerilya presents yet another outstanding paste-up piece at Katipunan-Aurora Crossing in Quezon City. The piece shows a "Magdiwang Ranger" and a "Magdalo Ranger" doing a fusion dance . Dragon Ball fans would know what. It unifies two entities into a single superior being . More apparent than the DBZ reference, is the reference to Philippine history through the flags worn by the Pinoy Rangers. These were the flags of two Katipunan factions, "Magdiwang" (led by Mariano Alvarez) and "Magdalo" (led by Emilio Aguinaldo), which were the two major Katipunan factions in Cavite, Philippines. Historically though, the two factions had a rivaly, which Bonifacio tried to mediate. On March 22, 1897, the Magdalo and Magdiwang met at the Tejeros Convention , initially aimed to discuss Cavite's defense against the Spaniards. Instead, the meeting turned into an election--Philippine's first presidential and vice-presidential elections. As Supremo, Bonifacio

Collab: Out of the Box

Qudo x Neku x Rai x Kiel @ South Bar, Las Pi ñas

koloWn's relief goods

Cebu City Dumaguete City more from koloWn, click here!

KntOner: PSP from Italy

Junkhouse @ Sydney Central Station

photos: CAPS FEST V

 photos by Skunk

Shantou Graffiti

Photo by Claire Dy China-  Claire Dy sent this photo of a graffiti piece in Shantou, a prefecture-level city on the eastern coast of Guangdong province. Of the find, she said: "Surpisingly refreshing to see this outside the art space I visited last weekend, which I discovered was created by a small group of artists (graduates from an art and design school here), and which is the first and only independent art space in Guangdong province. Pretty neat, huh?"

Las Piñas Streets: Return of the Yabols

"Sariling Hawla II" by Rai Cruz. Rai paints over his smeared Yabols piece.  After a "smear campaign" on his works from the Yabols (his coined term for "yes") series along Alabang-Zapote Road in Las  Pi ñ as by unidentified person/s (with budget and penchant for black paint), Rai get back with his own brand of vengeance--rollers, paints and a positive attitude to paint new works over his damaged ones. A month ago, Rai started working on his first street paintings along Alabang-Zapote Road (some of them documented here ). He  started doing street art to engage the masses in a more accessible discourse on art. For his Yabols series, he had worked on obtaining legal walls along the Alabang-Zapote Rd. He painted during the day wherein passersby could see him at work. They would stop by his painting spot and ask him about his piece and what he does, and he would find the time to engage them in conversations about his art and art in general.  Shortly after h




Pacquiao Graffiti Day

Blic: Durog x Gulong

Pala-pala Dasmarinas Cavite

SYLV: Some Good Graffiti

photos via SYLV

Dolphins Love Freedom + Gerilya Presents

Mural at Matahimik Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Look! Up There!

Davao City-- Maze (DCK) goes high along J.P. Laurel Ave.

KnockOut @ Downtown Las Vegas

photos: "ELEVEN-ELAVA" 11.11.11

  CONGRATS UNGGA! Photos from the opening, Last Friday Night (Nov.11) at Vinyl on Vinyl ,The Collective, Makati City and the show is until Nov. 30, 2011! photos by Monica Löf Mayor