• Apr 17, 2013

    Sweet Sticky Goodness

    We've got a sweet sticky treat for you sticker crazy fans out there, we're bringing you a slaptastic sticker fest this summer! 

    The Ubec Sticker City Sticker Fest. The first sticker fest we gave you guys was 2009 during !HA? 2.0. Now we're here again with more sticky sticker goodness from the old to the new, from the minimal to the crazy artists. Join in the sticky goodness and bring in your own stickers or if you aren't into making stickers just watch out for our sticker packs that we'll be selling at the event.

    Local indie electronic duo KaapiN will also be performing and releasing there EP at Ubec Sticker City. Also watch out for The Gospel's performance and The Nomads' poetry reading.

    You can check out KaapiN's smooth sounds on their facebook page.

    We've got a jam packed night for you guys so we hope to catch you there on April 27, 2013,   Saturday at the Chillage, 6pm, the whole shebang's going to be hosted by Monica Alcudia.