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KaapiN - Everyone's The Same

Music Video by Katrina Tan Conte Actress: Lucia Palozzi

on paper: Danielle Sea


freako, miming, yummy, porn cebu city

The Junks: Ubec Gems

Miming, Yummy, Freako, Leero, Flai Cebu City

on paper: Monica Alcudia

Hypnotic Automatic: Egg Fiasco x Quiccs

The Collective, Makati

Hear Ye the Voice of Rome!

Street Project by After Vandalism(AV) and Voxx Romana: A street installation of Voxx Romana Poster and Stickers in the street of Tacloban City, Philippines.

Chi Monster

Chi Monster Paco, Manila


LIFE x GAMEOVER Labor Day piece at Dasmari ├▒as, Cavite, Philippines      -Photo courtesy of artists "The First of May ‘consecrated to the dignity of labor!’ As if slavery could be dignified by anything save revolutionary action. As long as labor remains mere prostitution, selling its producing power for money, and as long as the majority of mankind are excluded from the blessings of civilization, the First of May must remain the revolutionary battle cry of labor’s economic emancipation." -Mother Earth