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High Five!

Happy Five Years Streetkonect!

Girl Crazy

The whole Streetkonect team went girl crazy for the second installment of The Little Secrets art shows. Venus had 23 young female artists in its roster coming from different backgrounds of art and design. Venus' main goal was to showcase the diverse female talent we have in the local scene. With all these girls and their diverse set of artworks we had a full house, filling A Little Piece of Sky to the brim. We also had performances for Seaweed Pasta and Imadyina opening night, Womb was also supposed to perform but sadly we had a major technical difficulty. The show opened on August 15 and is still going on, you could visit ALPS Cafe at Guadalupe and buy the artworks.  Some of the artists. From left to right: Banawe Corvera, Sam Despi, Patricia Zosa, Mona Alcudia, Christie Lee, Hannah Bacalla, Danielle Sy, Rosalie Gonimil, Gale Osorio, Joyce Maw, Faith Bernardes, Miciel Abalos, and Ara Chawdhury.  Seaweed Pasta's performance. Everybody who made this

TWSC back in Tactown

After a long rest... TWSC of Tacloban is back and hitting it up again.

Bungaw in HK

After Vandalism

with the aim of keeping the street scene in Tacloban strong After Vandalism made the city a gallery of different artist works from around the world.Through sticker trades, art work exchange and street project they made the.locals see and appreciate the beauty of street art and vandalism. Picture is a NYC Train Map tag by Koolkito of Ex-Vandals for After Vandalism

Artist Support and Alliance Program

StreetKonect's long-standing mission is to support the development and expansion of the art scene. In this regard, the group has been consistent in helping artists showcase their work through exhibits and various projects. However, keeping up with this grand vision is difficult to achieve by ourselves.  To guarantee the continued progression of the art scene, we also need YOU to take part in continuing this mission. The Artist Support and Alliance Program or ASAP enables you to collaborate and help realize projects for artists, art collectives, creative institutions, as well as projects curated by StreetKonect. As of the moment, ASAP will be concentrating on funding small projects and exhibits.  Your support for the group and its talented roster of artists will ensure that the art scene will continue to diversify and grow with the changing of times. Tell us how you can help by sending us an e-mail at We are open to receive and discuss ideas on

The Little Secrets: Venus

Ladies and...ladies and ladies and ladies!  The second installment of the The Little Secrets show is coming up, and this time it's just girls, girls, girls. Venus is set to be an all female pop up show, expect the unexpected with these girls.  There will also be performances by Womb, The Labrats, and Imadyina. Save the date (you never know you just might find your next date in the roster).  It's on August 15, Thursday, 6pm at the A Little Piece of Sky Cafe.  See you ladies and gents. 

The Little Secrets

Last June 21, 2013 was StreetKonect's first ever The Little Secrets show.  The Little Secrets, a series of indoor (group) exhibitions organized and curated by  StreetKonect  that promote multiformity; diversified by artists whose various medium of expertise render textured stories that create a harmonious whole. For the first show it was composed of lowbrow or underground Cebuano artists. It was a large mix of various styles and medium the showed how versatile the roster of artists were for this show.  Exhibit Notes KaapiN's performance during the opening. StreetKonect would like to thank everyone who supported us and made the exhibit possible. We also would like to thank everybody who went to the opening, thank you for your support and keeping supporting your local art scene.  Watch out for The Little Secrets 2 this August!