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On Paper: Quiccs

Crude 2 : Making Latex Monster for My Friend

Crudest Art of the Night: Van Opura (left) Cesar Sellon (right) Alfred Soriano (left) Franco Valencia (right) Ian Figuracion Joanna Sales (left) Yummy of the junks (right) Kat Bellesa (left) Derp (right) Danielle Sea (left) Gio Ocampo(right) Some kids got together last October 12, 2013 to draw latex monster friends for Halloween. From the dark holes in their minds these creatures crawled out and nested on these simple latex balloons and transformed into these crude little creatures. The crudest artwork of the night award went to Van Opora. He will receive an Ipad (rhum tea) from The Chillage.

Preview: Ti-Aw Ti-Aw nga Urom

Bbrother in Spain

Slap & Tag Wadab

Davao, Philippines photo by Emesu