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Pols Ubec Crew in Finland

Dr. Karayom's "Dirty Projects"

DR. Karayom of Cavity Collective is on a roll in Manila, PH with street interventions that critique Filipino culture. We hope to see more! DIRTY PINAS PROJECT 1 "Example of a Filipino survivor" Edsa, Taft, Pasay Rotonda  DIRTY PINAS PROJECT 2:  "ANG PANGATLONG ALTAR" BACLARAN CHURCH WALL BACLARAN, PARANAQUE See more photos here: http:// 2014/04/ dirty-pinas-project-2-ang-p angatlong.html


Service Road, Paranaque City, Philippines Photo from artist

How Bazaar,How Bazaar?

That wasn’t just a regular bazaar. It was an event that brought together art, music, food and fashion to form one big experience. The Chillage tied together artists, art products, DIY crafted products and products that are proudly local. Ronyel Compra with his kite art installation. Filthy Project Artworks curated by Streetkonect. The Junks live printing. Kdlt tote bags. Live art by Crazymaggot, Lean Reboja, and Stib. Sefyla Honeydrop Chillage's summer popsicles Photos by Banawe Corvera and Ernest Dino