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Ginsiyaman Music Festival Recap

words and photos by Anne Amores This year saw the very first Ginsiyaman Music Festival, set in a vast farmland in San Miguel, Leyte. It was a scene straight out of an outdoorsy instagram post. A tree by the river was wrapped in all sorts of festive cloth, there were freshly chopped wood everywhere, colorful lanterns and flag banners snaked through tree trunks all around the camping grounds. I went with a good friend of mine who got invited to create an art installation with the theme "Rebirth". Our idea was to simulate a womb where people can enter and revisit a delicate time in their (pre)lives and be metaphorically rebirthed when they exit the structure after ample contemplation. Using as much recycled materials as possible we were able to build a makeshift teepee using bamboo poles and newspaper, and filled the interior with a bunch of red and white yarn to symbolize the warm, comfy, nurturing womb. But really it was just an excuse to make a vaginal teepee. Other art in