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Pokemon Go: Extinction and New Specie

On a rainy afternoon, an old guy sipping stallion in 7/11 began talking about his childhood.Maybe he was tipsy. He was telling me how envious he was of his friends and neighbors going out everyday and night hunting for wild animals as pets and food. He could only do this during weekends. Many of his stories were random and I couldn’t comprehend most of it. Although hunting might seem illegal, they devised many techniques. For example they used "Tubli" he said, a toxin from a plant, which they used to poison fishes during low tide. He was laughing while he recalled that baby hito, or catfish, that looked like tadpoles were immune to the poison. He jumped to another topic, telling me how excited he was during the near harvest season not because of the corn, but because it is also the season for spiders. He was also telling me he collected broken vinyl records of The Beatles to make birds dizzy and easier to catch. Then he narrated that his barrio had pogo, ba

Nutrition Facts: Streetkonect's 1st net show

Nutrition Facts is a photographic series of Banaybanay mining sites by Leah Valle will be exhibited at 856 G Gallery on August 12, 2016. There is also a parallel web exhibition on . This exhibition is a StreetKonect and Tropical Futures Institute project in collaboration with Rm. 74.

Space: Josua Cabrera

"Selfie Pa More" by Josua Cabrera Today we’re featuring a few hand-drawn office illustrations by multi-awarded artist and editorial cartoonist, Josua Cabrera.   Ranging from playful slices of life to sharp-witted jabs at the social and political climate of the locality, Cabrera’s work serves as a humorous and thought-provoking staple in Sun Star Cebu’s dailies.  Cebuano newspaper readers may be familiar with “Latagaw,” Cabrera’s quirky and pertinent cartoons that illustrate the everyday struggles that Cebuanos have to face in the midst of a mutable social, political and physical environment. Streetkonect will be featuring an interview with Cabrera on the blog soon. In the meantime, while waiting for a transcript of our conversation with Sun Star Cebu’s lead editorial cartoonist and illustrator, here are a few illustrations Cabrera made showing off his office at Sun Star Cebu. Enjoy!