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Here and There: The Best of 2016

Oh twenty-sixteen, the Debbie-downer of the decade.  Doing away with many of the world’s best men and women (and gorillas)  while peppering the planet with bombings, cardboard killings, and poor presidential choices, 2016 was a year that people feverishly hoped they could make better with a little more rice. Despite its notoriety however, 2016 wasn't all that bad. Many forget to hashtag-count-their-blessings and remember that the year had its moments too. Remember, remember:  Cebu Zine Fest Hooray for quirky and thought-provoking pamphlets, zines and knickknacks! Gathering more than 50 artists, designers, studios, presses and independent publishers in one gallery, Cebu Zine Fest broadened horizons and celebrated the resistant and rebellious spirit of DIY. Photo by 856 Gallery  Photo by 856 Gallery  Photo by 856 Gallery  Photo by 856 Gallery             Book Launches and Readings Back in April, warm and spirited Bathalad poetess Karla

A to Z: Janot's Best of 2016

  Dribbble Speaker Blackletter Workshops Adcon Speaker Calligraphy Fair Stage Demo Life (personal project) Bo's Coffee collab mural w/ Ubec Crew New Era live cap painting Mural Collab w/ BasicLee Graphika Manila Book Zig Penmeet Cebu

Best of 2016: Bart Brothers' Damage Effect