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Digging Deeper: Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sunday is a bottle full of endless energy. One might think that the band's enthusiasm might wane after playing around the local music scene for almost two decades, but Sunday Sunday's brio hasn't dulled in the least. There's an undeniable touch of vivacity whenever Sunday Sunday plays on stage - an infectious zest that starts at the touch of the instrument and then spreads throughout the crowd. Last month the band released its new album, Sunday Sunday Great Test-Hits , and Streetkonect got to sit down and talk with the band's vocalist, Bobby Dee.    Sunday Sunday’s been in the scene for a long, long while. When did Sunday Sunday first come together? How many years have you guys been together and how many iterations did Sunday Sunday go through?  The band traces its roots to 2006 during our senior year in high school, we were called 'The Smurffs' back then and the band consisted of a different lineup. Then we changed our name to 'Ana