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Let’s Talk: RV Sanchez

Earlier this month, 856G Gallery together with Beta Operations and Tropical Futures Institute displayed the video art pieces of RV Sanchez and Ernest Diño in a week-long exhibit. Both artists are founders of Beta Operations, a collective interested in the development of new media art through tool exploration. Various art pieces from the group have been displayed on Streetkonect’s webpage over the past two years, and we’ve been proud to host a few videos from both RV and Ernest. Here’s a quick interview with RV Sanchez about his artistic process and the videos displayed in his recent exhibit in 856G, “Taped” and “Meltpiece.”   You’ve done quite a number of videos art pieces for Beta Operations ever since the group was established in 2016. What draws you to video art and tool exploration? How does tool exploration enhance your experience as a performance artist? I never know how to answer the question what draws me to video art. I am drawn to different art fo

photos: RV Sanchez / Ernest Diño

856G Gallery together with Tropical Futures Institute and Beta Operations presents video works by RV Sanchez and Ernest Diño.  RV Sanchez works on video, performance, and varieties of media addressing issues in contemporary society. His video work Taped deals with the idea of consumerism in society and people’s neglectful tendency towards the environment. The video was filmed during his residency at Healing Hill Art Space in India last December 2017. Ernest Diño lives in the ethos of punk rock. He works on sound, photography and moving images. He cuts, copies and pastes mundane clips of sounds, videos, still images creating new dimensionalities. His video work Disprosopus explores the relationship between imperfect images and spectation as an ordeal.  Ernest and Rv are two of the founders of Beta Operations that launched in 2016, with the aim of exploring new media tools for artistic production and exhibition and to promote new media art to the Cebuano audience and be

beta_ops: LUMOS by RMNS

Beta Operations(beta_ops) is a collaborative project between individuals and organizations which explores new tools for artistic exhibition and production. Last year beta_ops produced more than 5 shows in Cebu, Manila and screened some of its videos outside the country. Next year the beta_ops will be back to explore more newer tools and exhibitions. If you are interested you can DM their Instagram and Facebook. As of now they are busy recruiting new blood to join their projects. Here at Streetkonect we will publish some of the experiments that the group will come up. The video above is by RMNS. He is exploring videos as well as coding and hardware building. He is also active in the local street art community.