Taking a Leap

From the beginning, Streetkonect has blogged pictures of street art and graffiti proliferating in the Philippine streets and in other streets in the world. We find satisfaction in what we do and joy in what we see. Our words are few; we rely mostly on images to show that there is a creative and artistic movement in the streets around the world, in our streets; that the streets are viable venues for creativity to flourish and to start discourses. The creative movement in the streets did not start with this blog, but we became part of the movement and has helped it by keeping a visual blog of the developments and setbacks of working or playing creatively in the streets.

Last Feb. 9, we received an email from Edsel Yu Chua, a young Filipino studying Anthropology in the University of British Columbia Canada. Here is the entire text:


Ako si Edsel Yu Chua isang Anthropology Student sa University of British Columbia Canada. Nag susulat ako dahil gusto kong magpasalamat sa inyong site at sa enerhiyang binibigay ninyo sa pag-laganap ng street art na eksena dyan sa atin. Gumawa ako ng Anthropological review tungkol sa ginawa ni BLIC at CHESHIRE na Biyaya sa isa sa aming klase sa anthropology of media. Gusto kong ipakita sa inyo at sa mga gumawa ng sining at mensahe na napapansin at may kabuluhan ang movement na ginagawa nyo jan sa atin. nag papasalamat ako sa inspirasyon na inyong binibigay sa mga taong nakaka enkwentro ng inyong gawa. Sana mai-forward nyo ito kay BLIC at CHESHIRE. 

Eto ang site ng aming klase at dito ko pinost ang aking anthropologic reaksyon tungkol sa gawa. 


(How are you?

I am Edsel Yu Chua, an Anthropology Student at the University of British Columbia Canada. I'm writing because I want to thank your site and for the energy you're giving to the propagation of street art in our [country]. I made an Anthropological review in our of our classes on [the] anthropology of media about BLIC and CHESHIRE's piece [entitled] "Biyaya". I want to show you and those who made the artwork and the message that they're being noticed and that the movement you're creating back home has significance. I am grateful for the inspiration you're giving to the people who see your work. I hope you can forward this to BLIC and CHESHIRE.

This is the site of our class and this is where I posted my anthropologic reaction about the work https://blogs.ubc.ca/anth378/

Thank you.)

We are grateful to receive this email, for the sincerity in the words. But what we are most grateful for is the critical reaction, Edsel's anthropologic review of the work of BLIC and CHESHIRE which we posted last Jan. 24, 2012. (You can read his review here.) Critical discourse is crucial to the act of documentation and putting perspective to the movement before our eyes. But not everything is in our hands. We want you to share our work. We'd like you to help us. It's important to take pictures and it's important to write about them. If you want to write about the street art and graffiti movement and street culture, email us at [email protected]

Here's to taking another leap! 

SK Team


Edsel is currently preparing for a thesis on Philippine street art. He needs sources. You may email him your image and reading suggestions at [email protected]